Common FAQs

  • Where is the Foundation located?

    The Foundation office is located in St. Boniface Hospital, at C1026 - 409 Taché Avenue. If you’re inside the Hospital, we’re behind the Shoppers Drug Mart. Come see us!

  • I have a St. Boniface Hospital story to share. Want to hear it?

    We thrive on the incredible, emotional stories former St. Boniface Hospital patients and their families choose to share with us. If you are a grateful patient with an amazing story of survival, kindness or compassion, our donors would love to hear it.

    We have a Communications team that might share your story with a broader audience, with your permission and cooperation of course.

    Contact us today and tell us your story.

  • Can I work with the Foundation?

    We’re always looking to work with good people who are at the forefront of fundraising, to promote excellence in health care and research to create a healthier society. Sometimes, but not always, we’re hiring. See available opportunities here.

    If you are interested in hosting what we call a “third-party fundraising event” (social, sporting event or tournament, bake sale, performance, etc.,) for the Foundation, let us know! Contact us and we’ll work with you.

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Fundraising and Financial Management

  • How much money does the Foundation raise annually?

    In 2017, the Foundation had 4,232 active donors. We raise about $12 million each year to support excellence in health care and research at St. Boniface Hospital. We can’t do that without the support of our many donors! Thanks to you, in 2017 we celebrated $200 million in revenue raised since our inception in 1971.

    Our revenue sources are: fundraising and investment/interest, and hospital lotteries (see below for more on lotteries).

    As always, we closely monitor the use of your gifts. We ensure funds entrusted to us are put to work in groundbreaking medical research and delivering caring, compassionate patient care in St. Boniface Hospital.

  • What is the impact of my gift?

    When you donate, you have a profound impact on the tens of thousands of patients and their families who depend on St. Boniface Hospital each year. We want you to know how and where your donation contributes to health, hope and healing.

    Connect with us on social media! We’re always posting news and photos about improvements to patient care and new research projects that your gifts have made possible. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

    Believe is published twice annually and is a bilingual publication of St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. It is intended to inform patients, donors, hospital staff and the public about improvements to patient care, innovations in research, and fundraising initiatives. Read past issues here.

    We also publish our Annual Report to share successes and updates on fundraising initiatives. Read past reports here.

  • Can I direct my gift to a specific area in research or patient care?

    Yes. You may support any of our fundraising priorities, or a program, unit or piece of equipment that is needed by the Hospital. Learn more about different areas you can support - contact us and we’ll help you find one that’s right for you.

  • How does the Foundation invest and manage its endowment funds?

    All endowed funds at St. Boniface Hospital Foundation are invested in common with other endowed funds. Funds are professionally managed, with oversight by the Finance Committee of our Board of Directors and guided by a detailed Investment Policy. The attached investment principles guide the management of funds held by the Foundation.

Hospital Lotteries