COVID-19 Food and Comforts Hospitality Program

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation has introduced our Food and Comforts Hospitality Program, allowing restaurants, caterers and other commercial kitchens to help support caregivers and front-line staff at the Hospital.

St. Boniface Hospital has been extremely blessed with offers of food and comfort donations for our caregivers and front-line staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank everyone who has offered to help and let you know how much we appreciate your kindness and generosity.

If you are looking to donate food, please reference these guidelines below to help protect the recipients of your donations.

  • Please bring all food items in individually wrapped portions.
  • Please provide individually wrapped cutlery and any other required items.
  • Any beverages provided are to be individually portioned and not served from a common container.
  • Entry will be limited based on general restricted access points – please see
  • Restaurants and commercial kitchens may be eligible for an in-kind business receipt from the Foundation, or alternatively, can receive recognition from Foundation social media channels.

Restaurants, caterers and other commercial kitchens that are interested in donating food through the Food & Comforts Program can call the Foundation at 204-237-2067 or email [email protected] for important instructions and to coordinate delivery.

UPDATE: Monday, April 13 – Guidelines for External Food Deliveries
Shared Health provides the following guidelines for safe management of food and beverages in health care facilities while reducing risk of droplet/contact transmission of COVID-19. Guidelines apply to individual food deliveries, corporate or restaurant donations, and to family/loved-one deliveries of food items to patients, clients, residents, and staff.

  • Packaged food must allow for cleaning/disinfection upon arrival (e.g. plastic container). No cardboard boxes or Styrofoam will be permitted. Staff should call ahead to the external food provider to confirm packaging complies with Infection Prevention & Control requirements.
  • Food deliveries should be placed at the entrance and social distancing must be maintained at hand-off.
  • Prior to receipt of delivery, staff must perform hand hygiene.
  • Staff should remove food from outer transport container/warmer/bag (dispose or return to the delivery person as appropriate) AND wipe the exterior transport container with a site-approved disinfectant wipe (every effort must be made to ensure food inside the container is not exposed to the chemicals during the enhanced cleaning protocol).
  • Allow the container to air dry.
  • Perform hand hygiene following cleaning of the container.
  • Move container to an appropriate area for consumption (normal restrictions regarding food and beverage consumption in specific work areas continue to apply).
  • Ensure hand hygiene is performed after serving the meal and prior to eating.

*Hospital reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time should the environment of the pandemic change.