Let’s build the emergency department our community deserves

St. Boniface Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment and Expansion

In their times of personal crisis and need, Manitobans have turned to St. Boniface Hospital for more than 150 years. From simple cuts and broken bones, to mental health issues, to heart attack and cardiovascular emergencies, the Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) has been there for the most critical moments in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Built in 1955, St. Boniface’s current ED has served an ever-growing number of Manitobans with minimal updates for almost seven decades. It is well known in our community today that the ED needs to be expanded to address projected increases in patient volumes. Improvements will provide better alignment of diagnostic services, with equitable and timely access for all.

St. Boniface has been entrusted as one of only three hospitals in Winnipeg to provide emergency care. As the second-largest and oldest hospital in the province, St. Boniface is a leader and a cornerstone in our modern health-care system. The time has come to plan for the future.

You are invited to transform St. Boniface’s Emergency Department into a care setting where design and location maximize efficiency, leading to timely care. Where patients and their families are treated with dignity. And where your investment will help set a new standard in emergency care that promotes health and well-being, with compassion at the heart of every interaction.

The future of emergency care for Manitobans

This redevelopment and expansion project will strengthen the ability of St. Boniface Hospital to provide the highest-quality patient care to Manitobans who need it.

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation donors will play a crucial role in elevating the standard of emergency care with a community investment of $10 million.

Help write our next chapter. Donate today.