Finding her voice

Foundation supporter Kim Clermont with on-air personality Joe Aiello during our 2018 Radiothon of Hope and Healing, sponsored by Vickar Automotive Group.

After a near-fatal heart attack in 2017, a kind and quiet soul gained the perspective and the confidence to speak up.

For Kim Clermont, it was a change 55 years (her whole life) in the making. Following the life-altering health scare and subsequent quadruple bypass surgery at St. Boniface Hospital, life seemed too short to stay quiet.

“I see everything differently now, relationships with my family, my friends – learning that what I once thought was important is just not important to me anymore,” said Clermont.

Through St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s Circle of Compassionate Care program, Clermont was able to thank the Hospital staff who saved her life. Through the program, Clermont also made a connection with St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

Speaking up soon became Clermont’s own way of giving back and expressing gratitude for the care she received at the Hospital.

“Maybe telling my story helps save a life.”

Clermont appeared on a TV morning show in January 2018 to speak about her experience. She recalls that her deep fear of public speaking suddenly dissipated. To those afraid to speak out and express themselves, she says: “it’s just so freeing, it just feels so good – it’s hard to even put it into words.”

More importantly, she wants to help save lives.

“Before my heart attack, I felt what I thought was heartburn and indigestion, then nausea. I felt about as sick as I ever had in my life, and these symptoms turned out to be warning signs.”

In support of St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, Clermont has since shared her story through broadcast, social, and print media.

“When the Foundation asks me to tell my story, my heart, my ‘healed’ heart… skips a beat and I say ‘yes!’”

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