On offers of goods, services, protective equipment

At St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, we say it takes a community to support a hospital. We need look no further than the many thoughtful offers to donate goods and services to St. Boniface Hospital during a global health crisis.

The offers from our caring community to provide everything from personal protective equipment (PPE) to office space are an overwhelming show of support. However, for the well-being of patients and staff, the Hospital must be certain all goods and services meet stringent certification standards.

As the Hospital is not staffed to carefully evaluate each individual offer, we are erring on the side of safety. This in mind, we are unable to accept public offers of gloves, masks, gowns and other types of PPE donations.

To make a positive impact, consider:

Once again, thank you – for your offer and for your understanding. Your generous spirit is a gift we sincerely appreciate.