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Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19


What role will St. Boniface Hospital play in the COVID-19 response?

Manitoba’s response to COVID-19 is being provincially coordinated and jointly managed by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living and Shared Health.

St. Boniface Hospital’s response to COVID-19 is directed by this group. The Hospital is working under the guidance of the provincial health strategy and Chief Public Health Officer.

A social media strategy via the Hospital’s Twitter account (@sbh_winnipeg) has been sharing public information messaging and will include in the coming days and weeks, any important updates as the situation unfolds.

St. Boniface Hospital’s website STBONIFACEHOSPITAL.CA will provide hospital specific updates.


Is/Was the Hospital ready for this response?

The Hospital’s pandemic readiness activities have been robust and comprehensive, occurring daily as a leadership team for several weeks now. Activities include enhanced patient-intake screening and isolation protocols; space planning, patient visiting restrictions and other clinical care planning.

St. Boniface Hospital activated its Hospital Incident Command Structure as of February 26, 2020. Daily meetings with Martine Bouchard, Hospital President and CEO, and directors, managers, and physicians have been ongoing since then.

Communication strategies have been developed and the Hospital is actively communicating with staff, physicians, patients and families, and its partners.

Current inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies for the Hospital’s front-line health care workers is being closely monitored.


Is there anything the Hospital needs to respond?

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation has set up a COVID-19 Response Fund. Donors can use the drop-down link on our website to contribute directly to this fund or specify the request if donating by mail or by phone.


By mail: P.O. Box 73 | Stn Norwood Grove | Winnipeg, MB, R2H 3B8

By phone: 204-237-2067

Gifts to support COVID-19 will help fund emerging needs, as well as comfort and support services to front- line health care workers.


How is the Foundation keeping its staff safe? 

The Foundation is keeping its staff safe by closing our physical office and working remotely during this time. All meetings are conducted via conference call and most staff correspondence is by email. We are working closely with St. Boniface Hospital and taking proper precautions until further notice.


How has COVID-19 and the state of the stock market affected my endowment/the Foundation’s investments? 

We have all been impacted by the current uncertainty in global markets and our investments have not been immune to these developments. The Foundation is in a strong position to weather this storm because of our prudent investment approach. Because of our donors, we continue to have resources available to support the most important needs of the Hospital.


With the Foundation office closed, how can I make a gift? 

There are many ways to donate to the Foundation while the physical office is temporarily closed. We have various options to accommodate you:


By Mail: P.O. Box 73 | Stn Norwood Grove | Winnipeg, MB, R2H 3B8

Note: All mail previously addressed to the Foundation will be directed to staff.

By phone: 204-237-2067