An Unexpected Gift for NICU Nurse

St. Boniface Hospital Nurse Martha Uchala came a long way as a refugee from Kenya, was hired at the hospital in November 2018, and had a big surprise in store for her!

Uchala came to Canada as a Kenyan refugee in 2003 and wanted to become a nurse after her experiences in a refugee camp. She said, “I saw a lot of things- suffering, sickness, and death. I wanted to become a nurse so I could help people experiencing some of what I have seen in the past.”

Little did the unexpecting NICU registered nurse know in May 2019 she would be chosen as the first ever recipient of The Wyrzykowski Family Graduate Nurse Endowment Fund.

The fund was created by dedicated foundation donors, the Wyrzyrkowski family, to reward graduates employed in their first career position at St. Boniface Hospital. Conrad Wyrzykowski Jr. explained, “They’ve put in the work, they’ve graduated, and they have a first job at St. Boniface Hospital. No other criteria are required; they’re making a difference.”

“I want to stress my appreciation and gratitude towards to Wyrzykowski family, for their kindness and generosity” said Uchala.

The Wyrzykowski Family Graduate Nurse Endowment Fund chooses winners at random through a draw each May during National Nurses Week.

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