Food for Thought

If you believe poor health simply comes down to bad genetic luck, researchers at the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM) will give you food for thought.

“Probably about 80 to 90 per cent of heart disease, for example, comes down to three things: smoking, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition,” said Grant Pierce, Executive Director of St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre, which houses CCARM.

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation donors and representatives of the agricultural sector were among the invited guests at an October 10 reception in the Albrechtsen Research Centre atrium. CCARM researchers and graduate students, along with Dr. Pierce, were on hand to talk one-on-one and field questions about the role of food in preventing and treating chronic disease. Attendees also enjoyed appetizers and desserts featuring food items being investigated at CCARM.

Thank you to Canadian Pacific for supporting this event and for promoting food research at CCARM.

The only research group of its kind in the world, CCARM is dedicated to investigating and understanding the potential health-related benefits found in nutraceuticals, functional foods, and natural health products.
Investigators at CCARM have delved into the health benefits of the following foods:

• blackberries and black elderberries, which might protect your heart and prevent high blood pressure;
• ‘pulses’, like beans and lentils, which can promote healthy blood vessels and improve digestive health;
• peas, one of Manitoba’s powerhouse crops, which may have a positive effect on blood sugar levels; and
• Lingonberries, which may protect against kidney failure.

CCARM’s research into these foods, as well as oils, dairy, protein, and wild rice reinforces that healthy eating plays a fundamental role in human health and development.

On The Health Report CCARM researchers Dr. Carla Taylor and Dr. Peter Zahradka shared a delicious (and healthy!) lentil stew recipe, which you can find here. Listen to this episode and all past episodes of The Health Report here.